Loan Protection

Your car might break down. You might get in an accident and injured - or worse. 只要依靠我们的成本效益方案,可以平息您的财务担忧.

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Protect your assets. Insure your loans. Ease your mind.

A car needs major repairs or is totaled in an accident. 养家糊口的人受伤了,家庭无法偿还贷款. The result? Financial crisis. Or maybe not. 在Arbor金融贷款保护政策中投资几美元将导致维修被覆盖和贷款被偿还. it's the right move for when things go wrong. 与一位友好的贷款专家交谈,以获取更多信息 269-488-5945.

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  • GAP确保你可以偿还贷款,如果车辆是全毁或被盗,并没有恢复
  • Policy cost can be financed with your original auto loan
  • 保单也可以在贷款期间的任何时间购买, as long as the vehicle has not been totaled or stolen
  • Helps eliminate “out-of-pocket” expenses
  • Eases the burden of purchasing a replacement vehicle
  • Policy holders receive $1,如果覆盖的车辆是完全的,000向你的下一个Arbor金融资助车辆


  • 如果借款人发生了什么事情,政策可以帮助偿还贷款
  • 保险范围在发生残疾、疾病、事故、死亡或失业的情况下保护借款人 
  • Cost of policy can be rolled into initial loan

Mortgage Protection

  • 多种保险选择,让您和您的家人安心
  • If death by illness, 疾病或疾病我们的部分按揭保障政策涵盖24个月按揭付款. 
  • 如果意外死亡,一些保险将额外赔偿10万美元
  • 与你的抵押贷款专家谈谈,为新的或现有的贷款增加保险范围